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'Recycled': a closer look at adoption 

 Jonathan Inman of The Montgomery Herald writes about Jack Rocco's bestselling memoir, "Recycled"

ValiantCEO interviews   Ingenium Books cofounder

From Words to World: The Transformative Essence of Writing and Publishing with Boni Wagner-Stafford 

Author Shares New Trauma Therapy 

Media Advisory:  Author & Therapist Shares New Way of Treating Trauma
(Calgary, AB).

Canadian Book Club Awards announces 2023 finalists

Canada’s largest reader’s choice award sees strong placement from two
Ingenium Books’ authors

Maincrest Media Award for Dying with Dad

Maincrest Media Announces Award for Dying With Dad: Tough Talks for Easier Endings, by Yvonne Caputo  

Microdosing Psychedelics: Hype or Hope?

Psychology Today article by Dr. Peter Silverstone, author of The Promise of Psychedelics

Learning from Parents With Disabilities: TedXWesternU

Dr. Marjorie Aunos, Ph. is a psychologist, researcher, award-winning international speaker, and author of Mom on Wheels

Elevating Emotional Immersion in Audiobooks

A Comprehensive Guide to Producing Cinematic Audiobooks with John Wagner-Stafford

Medium.com Article on Finding Your Why as Author

Boni Wagner-Stafford writes about 5 Ways to Find Your ‘Why’: the Secret to Your Success as an Author

How Leaders Show Up in Vulnerable Moments

Why the battle between democracy and autocracy will be decided by our most vulnerable moments, by Corrina Grace

Interview with A Firebird Book Award Winner

Tanya Hackney, author of Leaving the Safe Harbor: The Risks and Rewards of Raising a Family on a Boat

Why is Story so Important to Us?

The Bookshelf Cafe interviews Marie Beswick Arthur, author of Listen for Water, published by Ingenium Books

KSL NewsRadio on Ways to Energize Your Relationship

Interview with Lauren Clucas, a relationship counselor and author of Choices: How to Mend or End Your Broken Relationship.

Beamsville poet hopes new book helps 

‘No Matter How Dark the Stain’ has been something Andrea Lynn Wehlann feels

 she has been working on since she was 

IngramSpark Article on How to Write Nonfiction

How to Write a Nonfiction Book,
 by Boni Wagner-Stafford, offers a step-by-step guide for aspiring authors.

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