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David ReeveCorporate culture mentor & author (Canada)

When you write a book, you need a power team. Put Ingenium Books on the top of your list. Trust me you will be so very glad you did.

Henrik MondrupEducator - Online learning specialist (Denmark)

A lot of people can proofread - but it's rare to see a person giving feedback and suggestions for edits as Boni does. Boni helped me transfer my theoretical knowledge into user-friendly articles that caught the users attention.

Our Vision

At Ingenium Books, our vision is of a world where self-published authors and their books are indistinguishable from traditionally published authors and books. Our mission is to ensure the books our indie authors produce are written, edited, polished and published with professional aplomb.

  • Well written
  • Expertly edited
  • Published with aplomb.

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Become an author with non-fiction ghostwriting services from Ingenium Books. We’ll guide you through the steps for writing a book. Then we review your notes, interview you, look through your research sources, and especially relevant is that we write your book for you in your voice. Do you need a book marketing plan, web content, lead magnets or blogs? We write those too. 


Arguably one of the most important things on your author journey. We assess the needs of your nonfiction book and select the right editor(s). As a result, we may provide simple proofreading and copy editing. Or perhaps a rigorous structural edit for flow, tone, and audience. Either way, with one of our expert editors you’re in good hands.


Getting a book published is an art and a science. You get personalized attention from Ingenium Books because we go the extra mile to set you up for success. This includes formatting for print and/or ebook. We design book covers, create your author profile page, upload to your distributor of choice. And we can even help you implement your marketing plan.

Why Ingenium Books?

Because we...

...deliver seriously high-quality books inside and out you publish books that get more reviews and better reviews you publish books that generate more sales, more business, more credibility

...are serious award-winning journalists, authors, editors, communicators, marketers

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