Ingenium Books: Breathing Life into Ideas

Breathing Life into Ideas.

We help you plan, write, polish, design, publish, distribute and market your nonfiction book.

Breathing Life Into Your Ideas 

How, exactly, do we breathe life into ideas  and unleash your inner genius? 


You've got a great idea for a great nonfiction book. When you don't have the time to write it, or you're not sure where to start, or finish, we'll ghostwrite for you. Our little secret. 

When you want to write, but need a little support, we'll coach.  Way to go, team!


You’ve transformed your idea into a draft manuscript. Now what? We love to get elbows-deep into structural, developmental, and copy editing to create a great read. 

Strong story, start to finish. 


We help your idea, your manuscript, and your genius shine with award-winning design.

We help or handle distribution, marketing strategy, and the actual publishing. 

Why keep your genius a secret?

Unleashing Your Genius... is Our Business

Inspire With

We’ve spent a lifetime breathing life into ideas. Yours can be next. Our currency is the inspiration to complete your book, and the integrity to tell you whether your idea has merit. Our content strategy work will shine a bright light on your goals and objectives and chart a clear path to success.

Create Lasting Relationships

Working together on a book project means spending a lot of time together. We get to know you, and you get to know us. Really well. Through the sheer ecstasy of accomplishing something worthy, together we build much more than a book. We build rewarding relationships that last long after the book is published.


Creative discovery means encountering the unexpected. When that happens, and it does, we reflect on what’s happened to get us to this point. We respond by taking steps to find the answers and adjust our course. And we re-energize the team so we’re all focused on the best way forward.

Passion For Creative Expression

Creative expression is the fuel to the fire in our soul. Writing a book – even a nonfiction book – is the ultimate creative exercise. Journalistic or narrative nonfiction, memoir, autobiography, biography, business, self-help. They’re all stories that matter. They all help create a better world. Yours, ours, and theirs.

The Ingenium Books Experience.

You keep control, retain more royalties, and enjoy results that rival the best, award winning, traditionally published books. The best of both worlds. Maybe you’ve been frustrated trying to learn the ins and outs of self-publishing. And by trying to wrap your head around how to write, publish, and market your book on your own. Let Ingenium Books do the heavy lifting for you. We’ll help free up your time to focus on what only you can do: own your story.  Our core values – inspire with integrity, create lasting relationships, reflect-respond-reenergize, and passion for creative expression – guide us all through the creative and business experience to successfully self-publish a great book.

Your Book, 100% You

Your book should be as unique as you are. You make the creative and business decisions about your book. We simply provide our best advice to help you express your vision, goals, and story.

  • You get the benefit of our experience from working with books, large-scale editorial projects, and journalistic nonfiction over more than three decades.
  • No sharing the majority of your royalties with a traditional publisher, who makes all the editorial and creative decisions regardless of what you want.
  • Transparency with timelines, process, investment, distribution, and marketing.
Your Book, 100% You

The Only Self-Publishing Service You'll Need

You shouldn’t have to re-explain and re-orient new service providers and try to bring them up to speed every time your project moves to a new stage. You can’t afford the time, possible mis-steps, or costs of bringing someone new into your project. They may not understand your strategy. They may not share your vision. They certainly will not share our passion for your project.

With Ingenium Books, you get:

  • One contact
  • One project manager, from beginning to end
  • We manage your team, so you don’t have to.  
The only self-publishing service you'll need

What Our Clients Are Saying.


Working with Ingenium Books was an awesome experience. I did search around for other publishers and let me tell you Ingenium Books offers more value than you can get anywhere. Ingenium Books is a one-stop-shop, plus they have a marketing component they offer as well. The Ingenium team did it all for me.

David Rhodd

I would recommend Ingenium Books to any seasoned or first-time author as not only will you have an authentic professional by your side, you are bound to come away with a friend who truly cares about your work.

Lauren Clucas

"The experience of writing this book from that point has been so much fun! Boni and John are invested in the success of our book, in large part because they believe in the story we have to tell."

Gayle Eastman

What's Your Story?

Because we are passionate about business, success, stories that matter,

and fostering constructive discussion about important issues in our world, we focus on these types of nonfiction.


Journalistic Nonfiction

Memoir, biography and autobiography

Self Help

Journalistic Nonfiction

Memoir, biography and autobiography



What’s Stopping You from Writing and Publishing Your Nonfiction Book?

Choosing a Self-Publishing Partner

Author Coaching


Writing / Ghostwriting

Cover Design


Marketing Strategy

Content Strategy

Project Planning

Committed To Your Success

We are committed to your success and won’t quit until you’re satisfied with our editorial guidance—both conceptual and specific—and you have all the information you want and need about distribution and marketing your book.

Our co-founders, Boni and John Wagner-Stafford, are creative professionals whose purpose is to breathe life into ideas. Boni is an award-winning former journalist, author, content strategist, and the executive editor at Ingenium Books. John is an accomplished creative project producer who has shepherded big ideas from conception to the world stage.  John is the executive producer at Ingenium Books.