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We publish the stories behind the news. Stories that awe, inspire, enlighten, and challenge, that show how to transform our relationships, bodies, health, finances, businesses, or ourselves, that build trust in the universe, that demonstrate our innate resilience, and that prompt us to re-think what’s possible. We publish stories that have the power to change what becomes news tomorrow. 

Our books have: 

  • won multiple awards,
  • achieved bestseller statuses including The Wall Street Journal,
  • and have helped their authors become sought-after keynote speakers, even becoming a Ted-X speaker.

If you're a professional with a passion and a message that can help someone else create a better life experience, consider submitting your manuscript (or book idea) to us at Ingenium Books.

With Ingenium Books, 
it's all about the book.

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We specialize in nonfiction partnership publishing, or hybrid publishing. It's an empowering and increasingly popular alternative to  traditional and self-publishing. 


Author coaching is intensive and important, and results in a better book — whether you're a seasoned writer already or setting out to write your first book. 


Storytelling and sound. Our two specialties. Be sure your  book is positioned to capture a piece of the fastest-growing segment of the book sales market: audiobooks.

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The Ingenium Books Publishing Model

At Ingenium Books, we solicit, curate, and vet incoming submissions. 

We partner with authors who already have a solid nonfiction manuscript ready for publishing. We help other authors develop their ideas and turn them into a solid manuscript that is ready to publish. And we produce and publish audiobooks.

If we accept your manuscript and it is ready to go, our hybrid or partnership publishing model means a joint investment in bringing your book to market. 

You've invested your time and energy in your book, and you'll invest money, too, it's true. We also invest in your book: our time, our team, our experience, and the creation of creative assets that together are worth more than $35,000 USD. It's this investment in your book that drives us to choose so carefully the authors and books that we offer to partner with.  

We pay between 40 - 60% (forty to sixty percent) of net royalties across all platforms, formats, countries, and territories.

When you do well, we do well, and vice versa. 

"If I were able to give stars, Ingenium Books would get a 5. The end result is that both my books, Flying with Dad and Dying with Dad, as the best that they can be, and I am intensely proud of them.

Yvonne Caputo Flying with Dad

Yvonne Caputo

author, Dying with Dad and Flying With Dad 

"Thank you for investing yourself in my work. Throughout this whole process, I have never felt stranded or lost, because you steered me through every decision and answered every question."

Tanya Hackney Author Photo

Tanya Hackney

author, Leaving the Safe Harbor

"Boni is an excellent coach. She and John helped me through the entire process. They have infinite knowledge of the publishing industry and of journalism, a down-to-earth approach, which allowed me to relax and get on with the work in front of me."

Author Gwyn Teatro Header

Gwyn Teatro

author, In the Thick of It 

"Do YOU have a dream receiving endorsements from Harvard University, Stanford University, and others, because your book is GREAT!? I had — and thanks to Ingenium Books — my dream came true."

Henrik J. Mondrup

author, Achieving Change

Ingenium Books' authors enjoy the best of both worlds: they are collaborative, entrepreneurial partners who benefit from greater creative control and a larger share of royalties than they'd get with traditional publishing. That, along with endorsements, pre-sales, distribution, and ongoing project management — long after their book is published — make ours a highly desirable publishing approach.

Ingenium Books' authors are professionals who enjoy the best of both worlds: they are collaborative, entrepreneurial partners who benefit from greater creative control and a larger share of royalties than they'd get with traditional publishing. That, along with endorsements, pre-sales, distribution, and ongoing project management and marketing support — long after their book is published — make ours a highly desirable publishing approach.

Our Publishing Program

At Ingenium Books we only have one publishing program to transform your manuscript into a professionally-published, potentially bestselling, and award-worthy masterpiece. 

Final proofread of your manuscript

Cover design brief and custom cover design

Interior design and layout

(if your manuscript is >80,000 words you may need to work with an editor to reduce)  

Preparation of files for paperback and ebook file conversion

(Large print, hardcover, audiobook optional but not included in the package) 

Management of all title metadata

Assignment of Ingenium Books ISBN and copyright registration

Distribution management to more than 39,000 global retailers and libraries and eBook uploading to more than 120 e-retailers like Kobo, Kindle, iTunes, and Nook

Print short-run warehousing and fulfilment options available 

Author copies at significant discount from retail 

Reviews strategy, including structure and process for endorsement reviews 

Distribution management to global retailers and libraries and eBook uploading to e-retailers like Kobo, Kindle, iTunes, and Nook

Guidance, support, and partnering on launch marketing activities

Dedicated author page on the Ingenium Books website with your own unique URL

Standard social media promotion schedule for you and your book, with optional scalable packages to add on

We manage your book project for the life of your title

You don’t need to become
a publishing expert.
You just need one in your corner.

What Happens After I Submit My Query and/or My Manuscript?

We treat your manuscript submission confidentially, of course. Once you submit your query, and answer a few questions which help us understand more about your book and you as the author, we'll do a thorough review. The first thing we check is whether your book will fit within our publishing program. Then we check for quality and goals. 

We aim to get back to you within four to eight weeks or sooner. We'll tell you which of the following four possible paths your manuscript would be suited for. 

Four Possible Paths

for Your  Manuscript

Accepted. Ready to Publish

Manuscripts in one of the four types of nonfiction we work with and suited for path #1 have been professionally edited, are written for a targeted reader audience, and are ready for the final proofread and the rest of our publishing process.

Accepted with Edit

Manuscripts falling into path #2 still need some work. (Editing is not included in the Ingenium Books' publishing package.) This might include developmental editing, copy editing, or line editing. You're free to hire us or someone else for this work—however if we have not done your edit your manuscript goes back to the submissions process. 

Conditional. Needs Development

Path #3 is for manuscripts requiring more in-depth development work before we can formally accept it for publishing. Most often, especially with nonfiction, the culprit is a lack of structure, unclear audience focus, or other craft problems that require a heavier hand.

Not Accepted

We can't accept every manuscript submitted to us for consideration, for a number of possible reasons. As your publishing partner, your best interests are our best interests and we will not agree to publish a work we do not feel is ready for prime time. We encourage authors of work in path #4 to keep working on writing craft, perhaps in one of our author coaching programs. 

Author Investment

Author Investment

If your manuscript is accepted after the submission review process, your investment is $9900, usually in four equal monthly payments.

If your manuscript is accepted after the Ingenium Books submission review process, your investment is $10K USD, usually in ten monthly payments.


$10K* total

*prices in USD

Author Services

Authors always need professional help when readying their manuscripts for publishing. Whether you're responding to feedback from our submission process or you want to put your best foot forward when you do submit, we can provide you with author services. Manuscript assessment, author coaching, editing, publishing consultation, or marketing services. Ask us about a custom solution to address the specific needs of your nonfiction book.

“Working with Boni Wagner-Stafford is a game changer. Boni’s expertise, insights, and experience created a final product which became an educational read. Boni met deadlines, but moreover her edits maintained my voice and the vision of my story. I highly recommend working with Ingenium Books and Boni Wagner-Stafford. Boni listens and she gets it. Helping tell your story is her gift.”

Dana A. Frank

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, author 

"You went way beyond what I was expecting. I'm patting myself on the back for trusting my gut instinct from our first call. You helped take my book from good to great."

Jamie Sussel-Turner

author, Less Stress Life

Our Manuscript Wish List #mswl

We love books that demonstrate growth and transformation,
whether in mental health, wellness, relationships, business, or memoir.
We also look out for journalistic nonfiction that help us dive deeper
into the meaning behind current and historical events.
We publish books that change the world for the better.
We are actively seeking manuscripts in these categories: 


  • Journalistic or narrative nonfiction treatment of a significant event, person, and/or place
  • True crime, where there is evidence of broader societal impact or question
  • Investigative works that expose issues on matters of public interest 


  • Women's literary fiction
  • Historical fiction (especially based on a true story)
  • Canadiana — stories set and or exploring aspects of being Canadian


  • Mental health therapies or approaches
  • Personal growth, self-improvement
  • Health and wellness matters
  • Relationship experience and advice
  • Mindset, spirituality, yoga, healthy aging


  • Extraordinary experiences of survival, overcoming odds, achieving success
  • Poignant, deep reflections on life and/or career lessons 
  • Stories that help us learn more about ourselves and the human condition

What is Hybrid Publishing?

Hybrid publishing is just what it sounds like: a cross between traditional publishing and self-publishing. It’s independent publishing at its best. Your manuscript is subject to vetting for quality, just like it would be under a traditional publishing arrangement. We select only those manuscripts that we feel have a clear audience, message, a solid story, and, of course, potential. 

IBPA's Hybrid Publisher Criteria

The Independent Book Publishers' Association (we're a proud IBPA member) has developed a list of criteria for hybrid publishers: 

  • Define mission and vision for its publishing program.
  • Vet submissions.
  • Publish under its own imprint(s) and ISBNs.
  • Publish to industry standards.
  • Ensure editorial, design, and production quality.
  • Pursue and manage a range of publishing rights.
  • Demonstrate respectable sales.
  • Pay authors a higher-than-standard royalty.

Read more about the IBPA's Hybrid Publisher Criteria here.

What's the Difference Between Hybrid Publishing,
Self-Publishing, and a Vanity Press?

vanity press will take an author’s money no matter the quality or saleability of the work, and after publishing you’ll likely not hear from them again unless you’re trying to buy more of your books from them.

Self-publishing is when you write, publish, distribute, and market your book entirely on your own: a big learning curve that may be a satisfying journey or leave you exhausted and frustrated.

Hybrid publishing is just what it sounds like: a cross between traditional publishing and self-publishing. It’s independent publishing at its best. 

  • Your manuscript is subject to vetting for quality, just like it would be under a traditional publishing arrangement.
  • Your book gets the professional treatment throughout the publishing process, including during the launch and sale periods so you don’t have to go it alone.
  • If you and your manuscript submission are accepted, you’ll pay for part of the publishing and production costs and we’ll bring our nonfiction publishing skills and experience to produce and publish the most outstanding version of your book possible.

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