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Breathing Life into Ideas

by Publishing Nonfiction.

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We Know How to Write a Nonfiction Book

At Ingenium Books, we breathe life into ideas. We help professional entrepreneurs like you write, publish, and market nonfiction books.

We’ve engineered a simple, easy, and proven process that overcomes the three big roadblocks that keep authors from finishing and publishing their nonfiction books:

1. Time

2. Skill  

3. Marketing.

We take your goals and objectives, create your unique project plan, and provide what you need.

Author coaching or ghostwriting? Ask us.

Professional proofreading, editing, design, and distribution planning? Always.

Book promotion and book marketing? Ask us.

Our best advice and support? Of course. 


Not all book publishers
provide intensive, customized, and personal support.
We do. 

Nonfiction Book Genres

Your Publishing Partner: How We Work

Getting a book published is a big deal.  The writing is a key part, but it is just a part. 

With Ingenium Books, being independently published does not mean you're on your own.

Your goals become our goals.

We care about your book as much as you do.

​We care about your business as much as you do.

Our book publishing process embraces the creative part of writing and publishing a book. It’s a business project, of course.

But it is truly a creative project with unique phases, challenges, and joys.  

Your dream clients await.

You don’t need to become a publishing expert.
You just need one in your corner.

Our Books

We do not accept every author or every book. We assess each potential author and their idea and take on new projects based on overall merits.

We work exclusively with nonfiction and the genres of business, self-help, personal development, memoir and journalistic nonfiction
(such as true crime). 



When you write a book, you need a power team. Put Ingenium Books on the top of your list. Trust me, you will be glad you did.

David Reeve author of Unleash Culture

Ingenium Guarantees

Authors we choose to work with trust us

with their creative, emotional, brand, and brain power. 

We earn that trust by living and breathing the Ingenium Guarantees.

Inspire With Integrity

We will not let you publish a book that is not up to your potential

or to professional publishing standards. Sometimes our feedback may make you uncomfortable, but we'll always help you make your book better.

Our Best Advice

We will always give you our best advice to keep you aligned 

with your goals and objectives. Sometimes you may not agree.
That’s okay. It’s your book, and the final decision will always be yours.

Your Ideas

Your book will present your ideas, in your own words, and your own voice.

Even when we’re ghostwriting, we do so in a way that produces a book

that is irrefutably, undeniably, yours.

Committed to Success

We will never publish it and forget it.
We include marketing in all our processes 

because we are as committed as you are to success for your book.


We will not waste your time — or ours — by accepting a book project

that we do not believe has the potential to help others. 

If you’re accepted, it’s because we believe in your book idea.


Professional book publishing
for the independent author.

Who is this for?

  • Those who have a completely written and professionally edited manuscript in any genre 
  • Those who want professional interior layout and cover design
  • Those who want a publishing partner to help them with all remaining publishing and distribution tasks.

Who is this not for?  

We Make Your Book
as Professional as You Are

You've already invested so much time and effort.

You want your book to help you build authority, credibility, competitiveness, trust, and visibility.

The truth is that people DO judge a book by its cover.

And its interior design. And the spelling. And your author photo.

1. Final Proofread

You get a final review of the manuscript, checked for things like spelling or grammatical errors that may have been missed during the editing phase.

2. Layout and Design

Professional interior layout and cover design suited to your genre and reader.

3. Distribution

We'll help you set up your distribution partner accounts (e.g. Amazon KDP and Ingram Spark) so you retain full control and receive all royalties. Physical copies will be available via print-on-demand, ensuring exposure to 39,000 physical bookstores and online retailers. 

4. Publishing Imprint

Choose the name of your own custom publishing imprint, or, ask about what it takes to wear the "Ingenium Books" imprint.

5. Author Marketing Materials

You’ll have a compelling book description, author bio, and back cover copy. A marketing check-list and timeline, assistance with launch-week, and receive a free copy of our book, One Million Readers.



$4.5k* total

*prices in USD, based on manuscripts up to 40,000 words

Ask Us About Custom Services

Maybe you don't see what you need here. Looking for a manuscript assessment? Developmental or basic editing? Audiobook coaching or production?
Ask us about a custom solution to address the specific needs of your nonfiction book.

purple and blue storm book transp-min
Jamie Sussel Turner


You went way beyond what I was expecting. I'm patting myself on the back for trusting my gut instinct from our first call. You helped make my book go from good to great.

Jamie Sussel Turner​​ - author of Less Stress Life

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